Environmental Resource Management

22nd Century Group, Inc. holds a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and product integrity.

Relationship with Farmers - Tobacco & Hemp

Recognizing farmers as stewards of the environment and vital contributors to the life cycle of our plant biotechnology products, we maintain close relationships with contracted farmers. In tobacco breeding we conduct extensive field trials in collaboration with university programs to deveolop low-nicotine tobacco varieties. Rigorous quality control measures, including guidance on minimizing nitrogen fertilizer use, ensure the production of high-quality, low-nicotine tobacco, known as VLN®. Our VLN® plants are similar to commercial tobacco plants, but contain between 95% and 99% less nicotine, making them unique.

We pride ourselves in the quality of VLN® and its superior agronomic properties and, because of this, we contract only with experienced farmers who offer optimal resources, soil, and climate. We provide them growing guidelines detailing proven methods for yielding the highest quality low-nicotine tobacco.

When sourcing hemp, we contract with established farmers who meet stringent industry specifications, including clean soil practices and reduced exposure to conventional farms. Our efforts to reduce salt inputs from fertilizersand maintain quality control align with natural resource conservation standards.

Operational Efficiency

We continue to explore ways to improve operational efficiency. Recent installations of a biomass gasification machine and a tobacco reclaimer in our facilities have significantly reduced waste in our production processes.