In a nutshell, our crop enhancement strategy involves 4 parts:

  • Breeding Strategy: Determining and preparing for future consumer needs.

  • Genetic Engineering: Using traditional and new plant breeding techniques to yield desired products and plant types.

  • Phenotyping: Assessing the results of each plant and selecting the best of what we've made.

  • Generation Turnaround: Finding the fastest way to get new strains growing and producing.

our engine

22nd Century’s focus is the creation of healthier products for the consumer and clinical marketplaces. In the alkaloid space, this is a unique and an important new approach. As such, the intellectual property (IP) generated by our R&D engine is both disruptive and incredibly valuable. Various patent protections and trademarks ensure that we can reap the full rewards of our breakthrough work. While we may choose to fully own or license the IP, this knowledge is firmly under our control for 20 years.

Our product refinement strategies and alliances put us at the forefront of alkaloid research and IP generation. And they will keep us there.

In tobacco, our cutting-edge technologies, grounded in modern plant breeding and molecular intervention (genetic engineering and gene editing), respectively, enable targeted alterations in the level of nicotine and other nicotinic alkaloids.

Our proprietary approaches to these diverse ends are the subject of an extensive, worldwide patent portfolio complemented by a rigorous trade secrecy/know-how program.  We also safeguard varietal innovations through plant patenting (US) and plant variety protection in the US and other signatory nations of the UPOV Convention.

We leverage our proprietary technologies not only through in-house development but also by way of strategic licensing.  In addition, we have achieved and continue to realize substantial benefits from a number of partnering arrangements.

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