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22nd Century Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: XXII) is a leading agricultural biotechnology company focused on improving health and wellness through plant science.

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About Us

22nd Century Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: XXII) is a next-generation plant biotechnology company, focused on improving human health through plant science. Using our breakthrough, patent-protected IP to control nicotine biosynthesis in the tobacco plant, we have developed the first market-ready, reduced nicotine content (RNC) tobacco plants and cigarettes containing 95% less nicotine. We received the first and only FDA MRTP authorization for a combustible cigarette in December 2021. The sole function of our cigarettes is to make it easier to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked.

In tobacco, 22nd Century employs a unique and innovative platform of modern plant breeding technologies, including genetic engineering, gene-editing, and molecular breeding, to deliver healthier solutions for pressing issues. We create new, proprietary plants with select alkaloid, terpenoid, and flavonoid profiles, improved yields, and valuable agronomic traits for the life science and consumer products industries.


What We Do

Cigarette Harm Reduction

Our primary mission in tobacco is to reduce the harm caused by smoking. Our VLN® reduced nicotine content tobacco cigarettes – containing 95% less nicotine than conventional cigarettes –  are the only FDA-authorized cigarette designed to help smokers reduce their intake.

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Our Goal

  • 134M

    Years of Life Gained

  • 8M

    Premature Deaths Avoided

  • 37%+

    Less Cigarettes Smoked Per Day

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