We've already launched our proprietary Very Low Nicotine tobacco VLN®.

Our hemp/cannabis research is centered on developing strains with enhanced agronomics and disease/pest resistance that can be grown indoors and out. Our technology gives us the ability to control the expression of a range of cannabinoids and terpenes to suit the market. We have been able to develop hemp with elevated CBD, along with negligible THC. We have multiple R&D collaborations that enhance our own R&D efforts in conventional breeding, new breeding techniques (such as gene editing and molecular breeding), and the development of human cell-based assay systems to help define cannabinoid potency. 

Our diverse,unique integrated partnerships for the development of hemp/cannabis encompass groundbreaking research into cannabinoid receptor science, state of the art plant genetic modification, global plant breeding capacity, and scalable extraction/purification/production of finished products for consumer or pharmaceutical usage.

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  • CannaMetrix’s proprietary, high-throughput human-cell based assay technology can show exactly how the components in each strain affect cannabinoid signalling in human cells. This information will inform the design of new plant strains with bespoke profiles to improve patient and consumer outcomes. 

  • KeyGene utilizes its expertise in bioinformatics, genetic engineering, and molecular breeding to help us develop new plant lines with traits we desire. In essence, KeyGene helps to provide us with the exact genetic information associated with given traits and the knowledge to precisely alter or enhance these traits in a genome to create a specific result.

  • Breeding and trials are conducted with multiple global partners, such as Extractas Bioscience, to field test and select the new strains. These partners use their knowledge of plant structure and agronomics to select plants that are easier to grow and harvest.

  • We’ve engaged researchers at several universities on a fee basis. Those at North Carolina State University are assisting us with tobacco. Scientists at the University of Tennessee and the University of Kentucky are collaborating with us in testing tobacco and cannabis

  • Finally, our newly acquired subsidiary, GVB Biopharma, provides the scalable production, extraction, and packaging of valuable cannabinoids for bulk and specialty markets. This manufacturing capacity is crucial to delivering on the promise of all our research.

Focused On Consumer Needs With Potent, Targeted Therapeutics

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These relationships create a virtuous cycle of greater knowledge, faster development, expanded product diversity, and constant improvement. Each association provides its own perspective and valuable feedback to 22nd Century’s R&D platform. With this constant input, we can easily, rationally, and quickly adjust our strategies to optimize our efforts and outcomes. 

This unique, completely integrated system of diverse expertise, perpetual innovation, and strategic flexibility is the source of 22nd Century’s vast capabilities in the alkaloid market. 

While our hops research is just beginning, we are developing new biotechnology tools and molecular techniques to accelerate the breeding of unique traits and the implementation of new genetic enhancements. We hope to use our technology to increase disease resistance and yield, stabilize alpha/beta acids, and investigate new terpenes, flavonoids, and flavors.

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